crystal williams

Crystal Williams


Located: Farmington, New Mexico
Age:  49
Occupation:    Co-owner of small oilfield service company | Co-owner of The Colosseum
Married:    28 years
Children:    2 boys (20 & 23)

  • Competitions:2013 NM Fitness: 2nd in bikini, 5th model
  • 2013 Las Vegas Fitness Weekend – no placing

Future Comp:    NPC 2014 Golden, CO
Training:    2 years with personal trainer.

I’ve spent most of my 26 year career in the business world; first as a landman for and oil company, and secondly as part owner of a small oilfield service company in Farmington, New Mexico.  I have been active most of my life, but as with us all, age starts to catch up with us and I hired a personal trainer to get me back to a healthier self.  During this time I was encouraged to enter a fitness competition.  After going through the “competition diet” along with the workouts, it required discipline, but was well worth the results and more importantly how much better I felt.

As a personal trainer, my motivation is to focus is on promoting healthy eating and the importance of exercise.  Especially as we age, I want to encourage a life style change and new attitude toward food and exercise.